Our shaper Q has been shaping wind-, kite- and surfboards for over 30 years.

Since 1997 he started developing and shaping boards for and with people like Danny Seales, Jason Furness, Kirsty Jones, Marc Ramseier, Marcus Damsell and many other good riders too.

Developing and building these boards over the years, we can offer you a high-end product from “say cheese woobly knees” to “stiff like cliff”.

! You choose !

Have you not been dreaming of a board, especialy made for you?

A board

– which suits your riding style

– with the right width and length for optimal control and early planing

– with the right flex considering your weight and riding style

– with an individual stance position considering your height, weight, foot size and riding level

– which is lighter than industrial boards

– with customized options on design

You do not have to dream of it any longer, just contact us!