The whole thing started off with 3 guys going on a kitesurf trip to Fuerteventura around 2005 and having such a cool time that they returned to the island many times. Eugene started to live there over the summer under very basic conditions but with only kitesurfing in his head that did not bother him all too much.



More then once the idea of our own kite shop or board production was discussed among us. It seemed kind of far away but when we heard that Danny Seales, an English kite pro & founder of the label KRUNK was selling his business we had to take the opportunity.

So, quite a few coincidences lead us to the point where we could buy off KRUNK from Danny Seales – and finally, driven by us 3 friends that share the same huge passion for kite surfing and all 3 equally standing behind the great products of KRUNK-Surfing, we made the deal, took over the Shop in Corralejo (Fuerteventura), which got powered with loads of passion from Eugene from this day on, build up the website and tried to make our dream come true, living from our brand KRUNK.

Danny Seales

But as life goes, things developed different …
… after also running a surf- and kiteschool for a while, we had to accept that these days lots of new company’s, schools and brands settled in the north of Fuerte which made it hard for us to survive, without having big investors in the background and not being on the mainstreet with the shop.

Anyways, don’t wonna complain, it hasn’t just been our way and so we finally closed down the shop in Corralejo in 2015.

BUT this definitely doesn’t mean that KRUNK died as a whole.
We all took the good times we spent together hanging out on the beach, in the waves and especially after daily sessions in our own customboard workshop, in the backyard of your main-shop, meeting friends, talking about the day & life, doing repairs and just looking forward and being thankful for what we have with us together!

And this whole SPIRIT for the SURF & the BRAND & LIFESTYLE stayed and over the years got stronger & stronger!
Today we see KRUNK not just as a brand but all together as a way of living.
It’s about what’s important in life to be happy, spending good times with family & friends, feel the spirit surrounding us, finding our souls, enjoy the moment & live :)

So after years of not being really present in the web I, gertsch, decided to build up a new KRUNK-Website again but with a very important and different goal:




So this is why I warmly welcome & invite you to our new site, being part of it, share your impressions & experiences with us in our Blog.
If you wonna share one of your experience-pictures in our Media, whatever sport or happening it was, let us know by sending an email to
From all the pictures we get send we will post some of them in our fullscreen-slider on the Home site.

And if you wonna get something to keep KRUNK in mind & spray the message of being Lifelovers then check out our Shop!