Before I thought about setting up a Vespa workshop, our circle of friends had already been infected by the spirit of VESPA for many years, some since our youth, and loved riding, tuning and maintaining our Vespas.

Ultimately, the fascination and passion of me and one of my best friends Max grew to such great heights at the end of 2019 that I suggested Max that we should set up a Vespa workshop.

We slept one night over it and then decided to go for the mission and realize our vision of a Vespa workshop specialized in 2-stroke scooters step by step.

From the very beginning, quality and customer satisfaction were our top priority, which gave rise to one of our mottos: “We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied”, which I still live day by day.

A big thank you goes to my parents for the entire mission, as they built up a company and the corresponding infrastructure over five decades, without which it would have been impossible to create the workshop in such a short time and in this form.

How often did Max and I look up and thank my father for taking care of all the tools and facilities and thereby enabling us to find a suitable solution to a problem.

In the winter of 2019/20 we set up the workshop in my basement step by step and carried out optimizations and expansions of our facilities based on our experience on each project.

With the joy and interest we had in it, the workshop became a very specialized place to work on 2-stroke Vespas of all ages and get them back on the road.

This means that today I am able to repair, restore and tune small frames, large frames and wide frames including the rare automatic models.

Unfortunately, my Soulbrother Max was suddenly and unexpectedly torn from our midst in June 2022, which hit me really hard and it took me lots of power to enter and work in the workshop during this time.

With the knowledge and strong belief that Max would definitely motivate me to keep going, I started going to the workshop every day again and completing at least one small piece of work. So my great passion for Vespas didn’t take long to revive and I found my great joy in creating again. And when something went wrong again, Max’s inspiration didn’t take long to find a suitable solution.